Selfie Art World is Pakistan’s first Selfie Museum, spread over an area of 30,000 sq. ft at, Gatwala Commercial Hub , Faisalabad. It has interactive artwork that will elevate your selfies beyond your wildest dreams! We invite you and your loved ones to come and have an amazing selfie experience full of color, music, glamour, laughter, and fun . . . . Flaunt yourself in our brightly lit, picturesque sets and make unforgettable memories that will up your social media game to nothing less than that of any celebrity you admire!.
From the Pyramids of Egypt to the Old Hanfu Chinese tribes, Space travel to a modern rock star concert…each of these 62 themed chambers give you a real-time experience of an era, a lifestyle, or a place. While these studio setups will trigger your curiosity on one hand they will definitely unlock your imagination on the other.


Selfie Art World has a special area called the TALENT HUB CLUB dedicated to producing live performances by talented artists. You can get entertained by live music, songs, cultural instrumental performances, and comical skits. You can also get a chance at trying your own singing talent here by participating in THC auditions. . . . THC offers a unique opportunity and state-of-the-art equipped space to perform in front of a live audience and also feature in a web-based talent show and win awards, appreciation, wages, and recognition.


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